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About Us

The One Glove Company was first established in the UK back in 2004, born from goalkeeper coaches identifying a lack of quality, pro grade gloves available for their keepers at an accessible price. We are immensely proud to be regarded as "the original alternative" and as one of the veterans within the independent market, you could say we know a thing or two about delivery quality. Not only have we kept that promise for well over a decade, but our products have been relied on by professional goalkeepers throughout our entire history - firmly reinforcing that when you choose ONE you make the right choice, you make the professional's choice.

And now...it's time to spread our wings and help out our Australian cousins. You have been screaming out for accessible quality for years with little options, that ends now. We are incredible excited to be able to finally bring Aussie keepers a locally stocked and shipped solution - saving them both money and time.