• NEW 4mm i1 latex
  • Negative cut
  • Negative thumb
  • Midsplit® strap system
  • Elasticated wrist entry
  • Extended pull loop
  • Air flow vents
  • Echo Form™ internal grip system
  • X-Wrap Control™ palm & thumb wrap
  • Padded & comfortable neoprene body
  • D-FLEX™ punch shield
  • 5 x removable finger spines



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New for 2022, the i1 palm is our proprietary latex engineered exclusively for ONE. In goalkeeping you either have to choose grip or durability, rarely can you get the combination of the two. In the i1 latex, we have developed a solution that we feel delivers the perfect balance. Treated for increased durability, it should be the go-to choice for any keeper playing on a harder surface that still wants reliable grip.

(Please note: All latex can and will wear from the first use, the i1 Palm is NOT designed to be like other hard wearing palms that have zero grip. It is a middle ground to hit that perfect all rounder. Durability will vary by playing surface, your technique and glove care.)

D-FLEX™ Punch Shield

New for 2022, the “D-FLEX” shield builds on the foundations built by our tried and tested SLYR collection. The positioning of the flexi-cuts has been improved dramatically – offering more optimal hand movement.

The total surface area of the shield has also been decreased, helping reduce any restriction in movement without sacrificing padding and protection.

Negative Cut

The most popular cut in the world. Through the use of reversed internal stitching, our Negative Cut provides a snug and true feel on your fingers and thumb, translating to exceptional ball control that is difficult to beat. When combined with our Echo Form™ Internal Grip System, the cut is elevated to new level of comfort and fit.

Echo Form™ Internal Grip

Echo Form™ is not like other internal grip systems. It takes the solid foundations of the past and overhauls it into an entirely new ergonomic form factor never before seen in a glove.

Inside the tips, thumb and palm are carefully placed "echos" - individually shaped patterns engineered to combat the direction your fingers, thumb and palm naturally slip against when making contact with the ball. Each one is different.

Thanks to its clever pattern design, no more silicone is used than required, meaning the feeling doesn't overbear. A subtle but reliable ever-present giving you that extra edge.

X-Wrap Control™

The X-Wrap Control™ system wraps the latex around key palm and thumb touch points - this not only gives you additional latex and grip coverage on the edge of your hand, but also locks it into place giving a more secure and controlled feel.

Unlike other wraps on the market, the X-Wrap has cuts specifically engineered to deliver additional flexibility, ensuring secure and controlled doesn't mean tight and restricted.